The Nexpectation Network is working to change America’s higher education agenda by encouraging, facilitating, and supporting the enrollment of students from community colleges and other two-year institutions at private colleges and universities nationwide. The Nexpectation Network will provide students with academic, financial, career, social, and personal support to position them for success in the classroom and workplace. The Network will also offer a valuable resource for colleges and universities looking to diversify their student populations, extend their demographic reach, expand enrollment beyond existing state-specific articulation agreements, and enrich their learning environment.

Nexpectation NetworkHOW IT WORKS

The Nexpectation Network is part of a national movement geared toward increasing college completion rates and preparing future generations of students for career opportunities within the knowledge economy. The Network is comprised of a number of regional consortia whose members include community colleges, other two-year institutions, and nonprofit four-year colleges and universities. The program adds value to typical transfer articulation agreements by fostering cross-sectoral collaboration to promote change from within the higher education community. Participating students will benefit by having greater choice and improved access to four-year schools within the national network. A national office located in Boston oversees the regional offices and coordinates the activities of the broader network.