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The “Brian C. Mitchell Award for Excellence”

The “Brian C. Mitchell Award for Excellence in Collaboration” is an annual recognition granted by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Pennsylvania (AICUP) to an individual, a non-profit organization, or for-profit organization/company whose contribution to the promotion of collaboration within the Pennsylvania independent higher education community has been deemed by AICUP to be a best-practice or case-study to leverage the independent non-profit college sector’s consumer influence by providing superior services, products, programs and pricing through collaboration.

The Mitchell Award recognizes those persons or organizations whose leaders exhibit the highest standard in ethical business practices and affinity for the support of the independent college and university sector.

  1. Individuals will be recognized when it is more practical to track their contributions with multiple employers and/or programs.  Individuals can either be employees of AICUP members or one of its corporate affiliates;
  2. Non-profit organizations will be recognized when that organization is singularly responsible for an advancement or program that develops, fosters and/or leverages resources uniquely for the benefit of the entire sector; and
  3. For-profit organizations/companies will be recognized when they develop unique, first of its kind products, services or programs specifically designed to leverage the consumer influence of the independent college sector and/or in doing so merges, amends or creates a business model to specifically meet needs of the sector and its institutions.

Vice President of Finance and Administration, Tim Alexander, noted that: “This year marks the 20th year AICUP has offered collaborative business services to its member institutions . . . AICUP believes its members can reduce expenses, increase revenues and improve operational capabilities when they collaborate.  The Mitchell Award will recognize the very best people, practices, and outcomes that support these efforts.”

AICUP will announce the recipient of this award at its Members Meeting on Collaboration (June 12th – Hershey PA).